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Winter? January 25, 2010

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So, this is it?  This is winter in Vancouver?  I’m delighted!

I moved to the lovely west coast province of British Columbia six months ago, no reason really…just time for a change in my life!  Prior to the move I was living in my “home province” of Manitoba.


Manitoba generally has bitterly cold winter temperatures with metric shit-tonnes of snow, ice and general winter shitiness.  Driving is a nightmare most of the time and waiting on public transit leaves one in danger of freezing off any exposed body parts.  Many people in Manitoba find that with the winter months come bouts of depression, generally due to the lack of color or life of any sort and abundance of frozen wasteland that surrounds them.

Dull & Dirty

Don’t get me wrong, when I was a kid I loved to play outside…building snow men or making snow angels!  Unfortunately I’m not a kid anymore and I really would rather spend an extra fifteen minutes of my morning in bed than using it to put on extra layers of clothes to prevent losing limbs or suffering from frostbite on my delicate skin!


The temperatures of course are in celsius and I’m not sure on the conversions, however, I can tell you that is FUCKING COLD!

On the flip side, we have Vancouver.  It’s gorgeous here, practically tropical in comparison to the frigid blizzardy-ness I fled from!  Sure, it rains here….A LOT!  There is however, an abundance of green around because of all the rain…who are we to complain about that!?  The grass is emerald and everywhere you look your eyes are met the the most lush trees and shrubs!  (I’ve had to pinch myself a few times after consulting my calender to make sure that I’m not having some sort of strange dream that I never wake from!)  And the temperatures, wow!  I’ve worn mitts ONCE in the past few months and ended up taking them off because my hands were HOT!!  It’s January and I frequently run errands or go to work wearing nothing more than a tank top and cardigan….and pants, obviously!


I’m looking forward to what the rest of my first year in my new “hometown” will end up being like.  Manitoba tends to have extreme summers as well with heat and heavy humidity that lead to nasty rainstorms…sometimes resulting in tornadoes…SCARY!  I landed in Vancouver in the middle of August and was pleasantly surprised by the agreeable temperatures that I was welcomed with.  I look forward to watching all of the foliage that I’m surrounded by blossom and bloom through the spring and summer months!

So far, me and Vancouver, we work well together.  I don’t have many things about the city that I can bitch about…the people in the city however, they’re a different story for another post!!


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