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Chores January 26, 2010

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Chores.  Everyone has to do them.  Whether we like it or not.  They are just one of those facts of life that we need to accept, embrace, release.  While I’m not great at keeping up with ALL of my chores, I try my best to keep my living space just that, livable.

I’m somewhat of a world-class procrastinator when it comes to the chores that I really don’t like.  Dishes?  Yea, I’d rather scratch my face off with a cheese grater, thanks!  Sweeping?  BORING!!  Laundry?  Hell Yes!  Let me do the laundry!

I’m fairly certain that my love of doing laundry has something to do with my need for perfection and organization.  When I “do the laundry” I sort it into tidy little piles and organize them in a fashion that will get them through the laundry room and back into their respective places in my home as soon as possible (sheets always first, followed by towels, then clothes…comforter always last because it takes two cycles in the dryer).  I’ve been doing laundry for several years and I’ve got it down to a science!  I choose one day out of my week, which is considerably easier right now than it used to be because I am currently not working full time, and I load up my baskets and hampers with all of the laundry that I can find in my little apartment.  Then, I’m off the “the laundry room”… DUN DUN DUN!

Unfortunately, the apartment complex that I reside in does not have any wonderful luxuries including “in-suite laundry.” In fact, in this building of at least 12 suites there is only ONE washing machine and ONE dryer.  SERIOUSLY?!  Odds of getting in to do some laundry when your schedule allows are pretty slim!  On my personally chosen laundry day I rise earlier than I generally do, don’t judge me…if I don’t have to get out of bed before the cats wake me up to feed them then I won’t!  I pull on clothes that are reasonable enough to be seen in by my fellow apartment dwellers and clip my hair up so that it doesn’t fall in my face while I strip the sheets from the bed and wander around gathering all the little bits and pieces that need to be washed for the week.  I grab my keys and some change along with my laundry soap and full basket(s), then I’m off through the hallway and down the stairs across the lobby and into the laundry room.  Most times I’m lucky enough to have risen early enough to procure my spot in the room for the day and get my 8 loads of laundry done without much incident.  Other days, however, I am beat to the room by a neighbour and have to continue to run my way through the hallway and down the stairs and across the lobby into the laundry room multiple times in order to see if it’s “my turn” to use the facilities.  On days like today, I give up going to check half-way through the day because at some point I just know that my time is worth more than “running to see”.  I spent my time, instead, on cleaning and organizing my book and dvd shelves to make room for what’s turned into an obsession with purchasing and reading fantastic used books as well as my daily grind of scouring the internet applying for jobs…one of these days I’ll finally get a call from my future boss!

Tomorrow I will wake early to pull on clothes and tie up my hair so that I can play this game all over again!  Until then, I’m off to find something else to organize…or maybe have a shower.


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