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WHOA! February 4, 2010

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The sun!!!

I saw the sun today!!!

Vancouver, the perpetually grey city, was flooded with the warmth of the sun all day today.  And it was good!

Days of grey turn into weeks of grey which, at some point turn into months of grey, and so on…  After being out of the golden rays for a while people start to get grouchy…the evidence can be seen on any Vancouver street or in any retail establishment after a couple of weeks sans soleil.

I was lucky enough to be outside enjoying some of this wonderful sunshine today on my way to work.  And the people who came in my store…they were HAPPY!!  AND SMILING!  Some of them were downright giddy!  I have to say I had a bit more pep in my step today than I have for the last little while, the sun seems to have done some good for me as well!

I honestly wish that I had been able to take a nice long walk and stay outside for most of today, but alas, responsibility calls!  It certainly was nice to see so many people in good spirits though!  I’m hoping that the mood sticks!  Moods tend to be contagious and I, personally, would rather catch a good one than a bad one…I’m sure most people would tend to agree!


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