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Creativity February 5, 2010

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I’ve been itching to do something creative with my time lately, but I’ve also been feeling the necessity to dedicate most of my time to obtaining gainful employment.

I love making things: food, jewellery, clothes, drawings, etc…  And then I love to share what I’ve made with my friends and family.  What can I say, I’m a giver!

In an effort to insert something creative into my life I pulled out my sewing machine a couple of days ago (from one of those boxes I mentioned a while back).  I feel like there are about a million things that I could sew up with the fabric and thread that I’ve got at my fingertips….but where do I start?!  I’ve been searching the web for patterns that I can download.  Thus far, nothing inspirational has popped off of my screen and yelled at me that I need to create it NOW!!!  I’m patient.  It’ll happen.

In the meantime, I’ve definitely got to get myself an iron.  A bit of a challenge to sew some projects without an iron, if I decide to get nerdy and start quilting…oh man, just typing it makes me feel like I’m about 60yrs old (I am, in fact, not 60yrs old).

If you’ve got any great sites for patterns, send me the links!  I’d love to see em!  I sew, but unfortunately I’m not a knitter.  Classes are in my future, I love the look and feel of handmade knitted pieces and will one day make them myself!  It’s late and I’m rambling, so I’m off.


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