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Oof! February 6, 2010

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As I’ve previously mentioned, I work in retail…not my dream job, but not the worst thing that I could be doing with my life!

In everyone’s life they will, inevitably, wander into a retail establishment while they are in a less than stellar mood.  I’ve done it, you’ve likely done it, it’s not uncommon…believe me!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I whole-heartedly believe that being in a bad mood from time to time is your right, whatever the reason may be.  My issue is that a lot of those people who will walk around in shitty moods have a tendency to take those shitty moods out on the lowly retail employees that they encounter.  I’m not entirely sure if these people understand that they are unnecessarily putting those employees in shitty moods as well which will then reflect on their job and how they cater to the clients that come after the mood has been set.

Do I remind you of someone who pisses you off?  Have I treated you like shit before?  Did I kick your baby?  Did I throw a rock through your window?  …steal your puppy? bike?  Seriously?  Any of these things would give fantastic reason to come to my place of work and be a huge dick, however, I do not make habit of doing any of those things…aside from possibly reminding you of someone who pisses you off, because I obviously don’t have any control over that.

Do you feel more powerful when you treat me like shit?  Does it make you happy to ruin my mood (which may have been awesome when you walked in)?  Are you just an asshole?  These are all really horrible reasons that you may have to come to my place of work and be a huge dick and if you answered yes to any of them you should think about talking to someone about your inner feelings and childhood issues.  There is help for you, if you’re willing to accept that you’re a complete douche and make an effort to become a respectable citizen.

Seriously, the sun has been shining for three days people, get outside and absorb some of it.  It’s totally hard to be in a shitty mood when you’re finally seeing some sun after a couple of shitty, dark, rainy months…isn’t it?

I can completely understand that you may be in a horrible mood because of something going on in your life that is of a personal nature (illness, divorce, argument with a loved one, etc).  Please tell me how that is my fault and why I end up being the one to get shit on because of your personal problems!?  Believe me when I tell you that I’ve been dealt my fair share of shitty hands in life, but my intention or goal is never to bring everyone around me, or everyone that I meet, down with me.  I would rather feed off the positive energy of people and try to pass that along than try to create a dark and angst-filled mood.

The next time that you find yourself wandering around and feeling less than chipper consider who’s lives you may be affecting with your awful demeanor!  Consider that your temperament may rub off on some person you cross paths with and they may pass that along to someone else, and so begins a truly ugly chain reaction.  Also consider the sales staff whom you treat like shit and who end up feeling as though they are your personal punching bag for the time that they are in your presence…much like the way I ended up feeling for most of my shift today.  Oof!


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