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Garden February 10, 2010

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I’m in love with the idea of having a beautiful, lush garden.  Growing up we had a huge back yard but we only planted a garden once or twice…too much work to keep up with I’m guessing!?  As a result, I really have no clue about “how to garden.”

Up until this point in my adult life I’ve lived in apartments, not really an ideal setting to try to plant a garden!  Two (or so) years ago I found myself living in an apartment with an enormous balcony where I believed that I could have the garden I always wanted…in pots or containers.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I don’t really have a hot clue about gardening.  I planted an “over the railing” type window box full of lettuce which I proceeded to cook in the sun, not realizing that the delicate leaves required shade.  I planted a huge “bucket” too thick with carrots, thinking that I would let them grow for a bit and then thin out the growth…yea, not so much.  I might have ended up with one tiny little maybe carrot at the end of my patience and the decent weather.

I seem to have romanticized the idea of having a back yard full of lush vegetation that I can walk out to on a whim and hand pick the ingredients required for home cooked meals.  And who wouldn’t love walking through their back door to snip some vibrant fresh blooms to place in a vase on their table?  Seriously, to me this sounds like an ideal situation….on the surface!

Taking a step back and really thinking about my idealistic fantasy I realize that there are a couple of issues that I may run into beyond my lack of knowledge.  First and foremost, I HATE bugs!  Can’t stand them!  I don’t care if they fly or they’re creepy and crawly or squirmy, I don’t like them.  Not even a little bit.  They make my skin crawl.  They give me the heebie-jeebies.  YUCK!!!  From what I gather gardens, in all of their splendor, seem to be breeding grounds for various assorted creepy crawlies.  I’m sensing an issue with that…particularily if I have to interact with the little buggers!  And secondly, perhaps even more important than the bugs, I suffer from seasonal allergies.  Anything that creates pollen makes my eyes water and turn red and my nose itch.  I wouldn’t be able to stop sneezing.  I’d be a mess!!  Or drugged up on antihistamines…

I guess these reasons can be looked at as excuses, but they will remain so for the time being and until I live in a house with a back yard instead of an apartment with a balcony approximately the size of a small shoe box.  I will continue to buy my produce and flowers from farmer’s markets in season and supermarkets in the winter.  I will also continue to romanticize the idea of having a lovely little garden out back and ignore the thoughts of bugs!


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