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CrazY! February 11, 2010

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Energy and Olympic hype surrounds the entire city, growing by the minute.  Everyone seems to have their opinion about every aspect of what is going on in our fair city at the moment.

Of course, there are the proud Olympic supporters who are wearing all of their “Official Olympic” merchandise and following this “once in a lifetime” event at whatever level fits into their lifestyle.  These people are usually pretty easy-going, from what I can gather, and are just looking forward to making the most of the next few weeks and are maybe even doing some volunteer work to help the process flow more smoothly.

There are the ornery Anti-Games cynics.  These people will do anything to make life more difficult for those who are just trying to go with the flow.  Perhaps they usually take public transit but have decided to start driving to add to an already ridiculous traffic congestion problem.  Maybe they are complaining in public forums about noise or lights or generally people just having fun and enjoying themselves.  Not an awesome group of people, but not necessarily easily identifiable either.  Definitely won’t be sporting any “Official Olympic” merchandise.

Then there are the oblivious.  The people who are just trying to carry out every day life and, seemingly, don’t notice that something huge is going on in their own back yard.  Perhaps they just don’t care, perhaps they don’t feel like they have the resources to fund their Olympic enjoyment, or maybe they just don’t feel like they fit in with all the supporters…we may never know!?  These people don’t really know much about any of the events going on, free or paid, nor do they really want to stand around and talk at length about the whole situation.  Again they aren’t easily identifiable, they may even have a Quatchi or Muk Muk keychain because the little buggers are so darn cute!

Believe me when I say that I know not everyone is going to fall into one of these categories…I don’t think I fall into any of them either.  I feel the energy in the air and I’ve not even stepped foot into downtown recently, I can only imagine how much excitement the area is bursting with!  I can’t wait to take in some of the cultural events going on and soak up some of the energy while I’m at it!

Whatever category you choose, or fall into, enjoy and play it safe!  Tomorrow Vancouver officially Welcomes the World.  Although driving down any of the streets here today you would think that the world decided to drop in on us a little early…


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