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PANIC! February 17, 2010

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I spent a pretty good portion of my day today being in a panic.  I woke up to realize that the backing for the earring that I have in my nose* was missing…gone…  But, WHERE?!?!  I had a Dr.’s appointment to be at in the morning, so I decided to do a quick once-over on the apartment before heading out.  No dice.

I decided not to worry about it and just happened to mention it to the doc while we were chatting.  Next thing you know, I’ve got a form and orders to get a chest x-ray.  Shit’s getting real folks!  This is when panic sets it.  I didn’t even stop to think that the backing could have been inhaled and would then be lodged in my lungs…OH CRAP!

I left my appointment and hopped on the bus home in a bit of a daze.  Once home, I sent off a quick email to a friend.  I needed someone to tell me that it was going to be ok…even if it might not be!  While I awaited a reply I got out the broom and started sweeping the floors.  Not a corner was missed, not an object left untouched.  I found the frackin’ thing.  I nearly had a dance party in my bedroom!

Panic subsided and my friend was immediately emailed back so they wouldn’t worry!  I cleaned the little bugger off and popped it back in my nose and now all is back to life as usual.  Now I’m exhausted and in pain…so I’m out for the night!

*Yes, I wear an earring in my nose.  It’s been there for eight years.  I’ve NEVER once had a problem with it…until this morning.


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