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Groceries February 24, 2010

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I slept in today, not a pleasure that I often indulge in.  I woke up after 10am to the sound of my cats meowing at the door for me to feed them.  What a horrible, horrible person I must be to leave them to starve for an extra hour!!  I hate to think what my neighbours think of all the noise they make!

Anyhow, I’ve been pretty tired as of late.  I seem to always be on the go, whether it’s work or wandering downtown and showing my Olympic spirit.  One might think that sleeping in an extra couple of hours one day would be most excellent.  Not so much, actually.  I feel…off.  Kinda lazy.  Still tired.  Just blah!

Obviously when one feels like shit grocery shopping is high on their list of things to do!  And so, that is what I spent my afternoon doing.  Good times!  I think I walked through the same few aisles three or four times trying to find the items on my list.  I’m sure anyone watching me would have had a giggle over how lost I seemed to look.  But no, I was not lost…just not all-there today!

I ended up making my way out of the store with most of what was on my list…and a few extras.  I have an inability to go grocery shopping and not leave with more than what I had intended to purchase.  Why can’t I just go in, get what I need and get out?!  Oh, well…I’m sure if I was on the ball several other items would have found their way into my cart as well.  As it was I wasn’t sharp enough to come up with any more ideas!

Also, this non-dairy thing.  Seriously.  Something has got to give!  EVERYTHING has dairy in it!  Take a look at some of the items in your cupboard or pantry.  Crackers?  Yep, they’ve got milk in em!  Quick, easy, frozen items for work lunches?  Yep, most of them have milk in them!  I’m lucky enough to live in a city with diverse options and alternatives.  I can visit a nearby “Gourmet Market” where I will find soy based products that I can use to replace mainstays like milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream.  I’m sure people in more remote areas have the option of ordering such items online, however, sometimes ordering a block of non-dairy soy cheese online isn’t going to be convenient!


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