Why, Naturally!

Sports April 17, 2010

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I’m not a sports fan.


Not even a little bit.

Mostly, I just don’t get it.  There are too many silly little rules and regulations that don’t compute in my mind.  Therefore, I don’t watch or get involved in sports.

There are a few people I work with who are very much into the hockey pissing contest that’s currently going on in my city.  They love to spend their time in the lunch/break room sharing player stats and game plays and I think that may have actually made me look like I do know what I’m talking about, but really…don’t be fooled…no bloody idea!

In fact, during a conversation with a non-work friend I referred to the aforementioned pissing contest as “The World Series of Hockey”…clearly I was way off the mark on that one.  Was good for a giggle though!

Regardless, and because I get caught up in others’ excitement:



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