Why, Naturally!

AHHHHH April 30, 2010

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What a day!

It’s finally over, and I’m going to bed.

Good Night.


AGAIN!!! April 27, 2010

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Ok, so, TequilaCon ’10 was pretty fantastic and I’ve got a lovely post started in my draft file…just have to finish putting together that art project! ;]  I had planned on having it finished and posted tonight, but the Costco got me again!!  I think I need to stop going there at all…I always talk myself into buying something that I don’t particularly NEED but ZOMG I WANT IT!!



It’s fucking mesmerizing!  I’ve only got the Wii Sports game that it came with, but that’s enough to keep me glued to the silly thing for a few days I’m sure!

Proper TC’10 post is on its way…unlike my long-since forgotten Olympic post…

Now, back to Wii!


Drizzunk April 24, 2010

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Sure am.

That is all.

Thank you….and good nite!


Sleep April 23, 2010

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I just woke up from a deep sleep on the couch.

I always get the best sleep during movies…on the couch…when I should be wide awake!

Time for bed…

Tequilacon tomorrow!


POOF! April 9, 2010

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Tomorrow I will finish the third of six weeks training for my new job.

My head is FULL to the point of bursting.


I’m unable to remember things unrelated to work.

I think I’m going to need a vacation after all of this learning!

I’ve got a fantastic tale of churros and chocolate, but it will have to wait for another day!


Creativity February 5, 2010

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I’ve been itching to do something creative with my time lately, but I’ve also been feeling the necessity to dedicate most of my time to obtaining gainful employment.

I love making things: food, jewellery, clothes, drawings, etc…  And then I love to share what I’ve made with my friends and family.  What can I say, I’m a giver!

In an effort to insert something creative into my life I pulled out my sewing machine a couple of days ago (from one of those boxes I mentioned a while back).  I feel like there are about a million things that I could sew up with the fabric and thread that I’ve got at my fingertips….but where do I start?!  I’ve been searching the web for patterns that I can download.  Thus far, nothing inspirational has popped off of my screen and yelled at me that I need to create it NOW!!!  I’m patient.  It’ll happen.

In the meantime, I’ve definitely got to get myself an iron.  A bit of a challenge to sew some projects without an iron, if I decide to get nerdy and start quilting…oh man, just typing it makes me feel like I’m about 60yrs old (I am, in fact, not 60yrs old).

If you’ve got any great sites for patterns, send me the links!  I’d love to see em!  I sew, but unfortunately I’m not a knitter.  Classes are in my future, I love the look and feel of handmade knitted pieces and will one day make them myself!  It’s late and I’m rambling, so I’m off.


Procrastination February 1, 2010

I’m pretty awesome when it comes to procrastination, it’s kinda my thing.  Not that I should be, or necessarily am, proud of that fact…I’ve just come to terms with it.

I’ve been running low on mascara for a couple of weeks now.  I know I will run out one of these days, sooner than later, and I’ll have to go to work looking like I don’t have eyelashes.  I suppose it’s not a big deal.  The issue is, it doesn’t really have to be an issue at all…I just have to get dressed, get on the bus, go down to the natural pharmacy and purchase said mascara.  Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow…

As I’ve mentioned previously, I moved here six months ago.  I’ve made several moves in the past ten years and I have never once completely settled in to one place before moving on to the next.  For each move I make there are always boxes that have remained unpacked from the previous move.  Things that are completely awesome, but I’ve clearly forgotten that I own.  The items that remain boxed are not always the same from home to home, there seems to be a constant rotation of totally awesome crap being stuffed in closets and storage rooms only to be looked at upon the next move.  That being said, I’ve got OMG so many boxes here that are either half unpacked or not even touched.  Hell, I’ve still got boxes at my mom’s house in Manitoba that haven’t been shipped here yet!  I totally don’t have the room for all of these boxes to just be sitting around;  my closets are full and my storage room is in a rather cram-packed state.  I would, inevitably be creating a tidier looking and less cluttered living space for myself if I would just take the shit out of the boxes and find better homes for it…then I can call up my mom and have her ship me more boxes that can sit around and crowd my space instead of hers!  Maybe I’ll get started on that tomorrow…

I’m halfway through a book and it’s not really capturing my attention, but I try not to give up on books, so I’m sticking it out til the end.  This book is a ~400 page standard paperback, nothing really daunting.  I’ve been reading the silly thing for about two or three weeks!!!  If the story line had captured me I wouldn’t have been able to put the book down and would have been finished it in a week, however, because I’m not fully committed, I procrastinate when it comes to finding time to read.  Maybe I haven’t given the book enough of a chance, perhaps the second half will blow me away and I’ll be sorry that I let it sit around waiting for me for so long.  It sits close by, taunting me every day, but I only really grab it to stick my nose in it when I’m going to hop on the bus to go to work.  I know that the sooner I just read the damn thing the sooner I can move on to one of the eight (8) new books that I have sitting on my bookshelf, calling my name day after day.  Maybe I’ll get started on that tomorrow…