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Monday April 26, 2010

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I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Mondays.

Today felt like a week and, yet, I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing.

I was drawn, rudely, out of a deep slumber by my cats this morning at 7:05am.  They don’t know it’s the weekend…well…it’s my weekend, anyhow.  They just know they’re hungry, and I’m that thing that knows how to get to the food.

Some days, particularly days like today, I wish life was simple.  I wish for a life in which I wake my master when I feel hungry and sleep the day away in whatever sunny spot seems most comfortable at the moment.  To have no financial responsibilities and to not have to clean up after myself, or anyone else for that matter (I’m looking at you Walter & Ninja).

Most of the time I feel like a simple life is too small and confined.  Too stifling and restricted.  I have a hard time imagining life without the freedom of choice.

But today I feel ill and in pain.  I just want to sleep, to wake up and demand food when I can’t sleep anymore and to not think about anything that isn’t directly relevant to the sustenance of my life.

I will go to sleep tonight with hope that tomorrow will be better and I’m sure it will be,  it always is.


Silent Sunday #13 April 25, 2010

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Drizzunk April 24, 2010

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Sure am.

That is all.

Thank you….and good nite!


Sleep April 23, 2010

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I just woke up from a deep sleep on the couch.

I always get the best sleep during movies…on the couch…when I should be wide awake!

Time for bed…

Tequilacon tomorrow!


Earth April 22, 2010

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Today was gorgeous in Vancouver!  After several days of wind and rain and chilly temperatures it was nice to have a warm, sunny day!

I spent my lunch walking around the neighbourhood I work in and taking pictures.

Happy Earth Day!


Argh! April 21, 2010

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Today has been a day!

I feel like I should have stayed in bed all day, leaving my responsibilities to pile up until tomorrow.

On the way to work this morning I discovered that I had failed to place my usual rings on my finger.  No big deal, it just feels weird!

At work I had to struggle to pay attention to what I was doing and lordy did I yawn!  My morning coffee did nothing for me today!

I made it through most of my day at work and then it happened…I made my first major mistake!  The mistake was definitely fixable and was taken care of immediately, but that doesn’t change the fact that the mistake happened!

I made it through the rest of my day and my trip home without a hitch…then I made dinner.  I prepared filling for burritos and upon taking out the wraps the warm in the microwave I discovered that they were moldy…seriously?!  So I was off to Safeway to get fresh wraps and hurry home before the filling was stone cold.

My day is coming to a close and I can’t wait for my head to hit the pillow and sleep to flood my mind.


BRRR April 20, 2010

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My apartment is FREEZING right now!

One day the weather will be gorgeous and sunny, so I turn the heat way down or off.  The next day clouds fill the sky and cold rains chill to the bone, so the heat gets turned up a bit.

I’m rarely home during the day to be able to deal with temperature fluctuation so when I get home from work I occasionally walk into an apartment that feels like the South Pole or a sun-soaked tropical island.

Today has been rainy and cold.  The apartment is frigid.  I’m going to curl up in my warm bed and shiver myself to sleep.