Why, Naturally!

AGAIN!!! April 27, 2010

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Ok, so, TequilaCon ’10 was pretty fantastic and I’ve got a lovely post started in my draft file…just have to finish putting together that art project! ;]  I had planned on having it finished and posted tonight, but the Costco got me again!!  I think I need to stop going there at all…I always talk myself into buying something that I don’t particularly NEED but ZOMG I WANT IT!!



It’s fucking mesmerizing!  I’ve only got the Wii Sports game that it came with, but that’s enough to keep me glued to the silly thing for a few days I’m sure!

Proper TC’10 post is on its way…unlike my long-since forgotten Olympic post…

Now, back to Wii!


Uhm… April 8, 2010

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I went to the Costco again today.

Of course I found something I couldn’t continue on in life without, of course…

I am now the proud new owner of a silver KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer.


I couldn’t resist.

It was on sale even!

I had better get my ass in the kitchen and bake a cake!


Books February 23, 2010

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I love reading.  I’ve mentioned it before.  The book I was recently reading, the impossible to get into & horribly boring one…I finished it!  Finally!  A couple of weeks ago I was able to close the cover, take a moment to reflect on the story and then place it back on my bookshelf to pick up a new story to lose myself in.

I have a lot of books waiting for me to read them.  I seem to find myself in book shops or wandering through book aisles in “department” stores more often than I end up getting the chance to finish books so they’re piling up on me!  The next couple of books that I have in mind to plow through should be relatively quick and easy reads.  I might get a chance to catch up!  …or not.

Recently I found myself in the Costco avoiding the grocery shopping that I had actually gone there to accomplish while thumbing through paperbacks and cookbooks.  As I walked along the endless aisle of poorly laid out books I came across an enormous box and just had to stop to take a closer look…why were there boxes in my book section?!  I nearly peed my pants when I realized what I was looking at: a set of six leather-bound, gilt-edged Dickens classics!  I looked at the price which was reasonable at $49.99, however, being in my current financial situation I was unable to justify such a frivolous purchase.  So I walked away.

Forward a couple of weeks, and much beating myself up over not biting the bullet and just buying the damn books which I would cherish for the rest of my days, I find myself again on the way to the Costco.  I just had to go and see if they were still there.  The bright and beautiful collection of stories that I couldn’t stop thinking about.  I nearly plowed over several people on my way to see what my luck would hold and when I got to the aisle I almost didn’t want to walk down for fear of disappointment.

With trepidation I turned the corner and there they were, Dickens’ stories.  Colorful and gorgeous and all mine!!  They’re waiting for me to get to them once I’ve finished up the books I’m currently reading and can focus my attention on them.  I can hardly wait!!

All Mine!


Bullets February 22, 2010

  • I just watched the most annoyingly stupid movie of my life…I don’t think the main character closed her mouth through the entire 90 minutes of the film.
  • I was at the Costco today and I saw a man with an incredibly shiny bald head.  How does it get that shiny?  Like, seriously, SHINY!!
  • I’ve been having a love affair with a couple of no longer in production tv shows lately: Flight of The Conchords and Arrested Development.  I’m a little bummed that Conchords was only in production for two seasons and Arrested for only three…such a shame!
  • I am the proud new owner of a “5-in-1” air mattress…and no room to blow it up and have a nap on its comfiness…also no sheets to put on it, yet!
  • I’m obviously a pretty boring person.  That’s all I’ve got.  I didn’t leave the house today, aside from the trip to the Costco.  Good Times!