Why, Naturally!

CRA April 29, 2010

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Tomorrow is the final day to submit taxes to the government of Canada.  I should currently be scribbling numbers in boxes and ensuring that my forms are filed correctly…moreso I should have ensured that all of my numbers were taken care of weeks ago, when I received the last of the statements that I require.


No sense dwelling on what I should have been doing…

I will go to bed tonight and my taxes will remain untouched.  I will wake up in the morning and go to work where I will talk with countless people about the tax deadline and how it affects them.  I will come home exhausted and, again, my taxes will remain untouched.

I’ve done a preliminary run-through and I’m aware that I don’t owe “the man” so I’m not overly concerned about being late with my file.  It would, however, be nice to have a little extra chump change in my bank account!

Here’s hoping that I muster the ambition to get my envelope in the mail by the time my head hits the pillow on Sunday because next week starts a month of six day work weeks for me!